Health and Safety Precautions for Children

This post was published in article, I am re-posting for general knowledge and future use. Like adults, children can come across hazardous situations, not knowing what to do. They can be hurt while coming across an accident or while trying to help others. This can put them in a vulnerable situation, especially if they are … Read more

September CPR and First Aid Courses

Hello everyone, hope you all had a nice summer. September is here and we are proud to provide three new courses for adults and children! Yes, you read it right, you can now provide your child basic first aid skills -which can be very useful in emergencies. 1- First Aid Awareness Workshop for Children, Saturday 7th September … Read more

ارقام طوارئ مهمة

الرجاء الاحتفاظ بهذه الارقاك للطوارئ استغاثات الجيش : 16037 – 16038 – 16039 طوارئ القوات المسلحة : 19197 – 19488 – 19614 استغاثة القوات المسلحة بالاسكندرية: 5467894 – 5461652 استغاثات الشرطة العسكرية : 16137 – 16138 الشرطة المصرية – 24888888 – 24884500 للتبليغ عن اى فساد ادارى اوعام: 16117 عند صعوبة الحصول على الخبز : … Read more

Tear Gas

A lot of people are asking how to deal with tear gas during demonstrations, here are a couple of info graphic. How to make a gas mask: How to handle tear gas (Arabic and English): Other information on what to do during the demonstration and taking care of others. A video demonstration on how to … Read more

An Article About our First Aid Online Training!

So Daily News Egypt writes a piece about our first aid webinar initiative! Read more about the article here. For more information, news and updates about First Aid and CPR in Egypt. Follow our facebook page here.

First Aid Webinar Announcement

First Aid and CPR in Egypt page is proud to announce its first webinar workshop on first aid! FOR FREE! We will discuss how to recognize and treat life threatening situations. Also, there will be time for any questions that you might at the end of the webinar. Note that this is a basic workshop. … Read more

Preparing for an Emergency

Suggested list in preparation for June 30th -and any similar emergency: – Keep the number of the nearest hospital handy (near the phone or on the fridge).– For family members with a medical condition, share the number of their doctor with others.– Buy extra supplies of medicine for those with a medical condition (heart, diabetes, … Read more

It’s Summer! Prevent Dehydration

What is Dehydration:Dehydration is the excessive loss of water -without any intake to compensate it. Untreated, dehydration can be fatal as it can lead to death. Children, elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are very vulnerable to dehydration. The causes of dehydration are various :fever, diarrhea and increased sweating are some examples. How to … Read more