Why AEDs? لماذا جهاز إزالة الرجفان؟


English Below/اللغة الإنجليزية في الأسفل   بعد الحادث المؤسف في أحد النوادي الرياضية في القاهرة. نحب أن نسلط الضوء على أهمية وجود أجهزة إزالة الرجفان  Defibrillators للاستخدام العام وخصوصاً في المناطق التي فيها تجمعات كبيرة. أجهزة إزالة الرجفان Automatic External Defibrillators(AED)  هي آلات محمولة يمكن استخدامها من قبل أي شخصوبالأخص المستجيبين الأوليين. الجهاز يعطي صدمة كهربائية للقلب ويمكنه جعل القلب ينبض مرة أخري. … Read more

New Gadget: First Aid Blanket

This is the newest gadget, which is a first aid blanket -with full instructions on CPR and for drowning victims. This is a must have in public areas, beaches and swimming pools. Link for the full article, here. And don’t forget to subscribe to our page.

Acting in an Emergency

This is a repost of an all incident I faced 2 years ago. It is a good read for those who want to know on how to act during a medical emergency. Happy reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to our page! Yesterday, I was driving on the Mehwar to 6 October city, and towards … Read more


This is a life threatening conduction resulting from an infection -usually after an operation or injury. If the wound become itchy or red, go the hospital right away or seek medical attention.  Below are the signs and symptoms: For more CPR and first aid information, click here.

Preparing For Power Cuts

This is a re-post of a previously published article.  In general, a power outage can happen any time. However, they have been more frequent in Cairo for the past two years and can be quite frustrating. It is a good idea to be prepared for this type of emergency. And remember: Better safe than sorry.  … Read more

Your Survival Kit

Many people have been asking about buying a first aid kit. This author believes it is best to build your own first aid and “disaster” kit. This includes emergency items that are essential for your survival in case of a disaster such as a power cut, earthquake, etc… You can add up to this list … Read more

ارقام طوارئ مهمة

الرجاء الاحتفاظ بهذه الارقاك للطوارئ استغاثات الجيش : 16037 – 16038 – 16039 طوارئ القوات المسلحة : 19197 – 19488 – 19614 استغاثة القوات المسلحة بالاسكندرية: 5467894 – 5461652 استغاثات الشرطة العسكرية : 16137 – 16138 الشرطة المصرية – 24888888 – 24884500 للتبليغ عن اى فساد ادارى اوعام: 16117 عند صعوبة الحصول على الخبز : … Read more

Tear Gas

A lot of people are asking how to deal with tear gas during demonstrations, here are a couple of info graphic. How to make a gas mask: How to handle tear gas (Arabic and English): Other information on what to do during the demonstration and taking care of others. A video demonstration on how to … Read more

Preparing for an Emergency

Suggested list in preparation for June 30th -and any similar emergency: – Keep the number of the nearest hospital handy (near the phone or on the fridge).– For family members with a medical condition, share the number of their doctor with others.– Buy extra supplies of medicine for those with a medical condition (heart, diabetes, … Read more