مخاطر الاختناق للأطفال تحت سن الأربع سنوات!

كما تعلمون ممكن الأطفال أن يختنقوا الطعام وذلك اثناء نموهم الطبيعي لحين يتعلموا كيف يمضغون طعامهم بشكل صحيح. بالنسبة للأطفال الذين تقل أعمارهم عن 4 سنوات ، قد لا تتطور هذه المهارة بصورة كاملة وبعض الأطعمة قد تكون كبيرة بالمقارنة بالقصبة الهوائية. تذكر الأطفال ان في ذلك العمر ليس لديهم حتى الضروس (الاسنان) لمضغ وطحن … Read more

Choking Hazards for Children Under 4

As you know, children are likely to choke on food as they grow and learn how to chew their food properly. However, for children under 4, this skill might not be fully developed yet and some food might be too big for their wind pipe. At that age, children don’t yet have their molars to … Read more

Mohandessen in February

We are rotating our First aid for children and infants workshop all over Cairo! This time its Mohandessen. Join us on the 10th of February, click here for more details. Facebook, Instagram

First Aid For Children

Start this January with a First Aid workshop for children.Join us on January 26th at Sane in Zamalek. Click here for more details. Don’t forget to subscribe to our facebook page and Instagram accounts.

Workshop for Children

And back due to popular demand! Benefit from the Christmas break and have your children attend a first aid workshop. We are offering two workshops in collaboration with Community Zone on 22 and 28 December.Check the details here. Don’t forget to subscribe here and here.

New Cairo Here We Come!

December will have us going to New Cairo on 7 December. Parents, guardians and anyone dealing with children should attend this workshop! Make sure to attend. Click here for more details.

Another workshop in Sheikh Zayed

For working mothers and parents who live in Sheikh Zayed and October area. We are teaming up again with Community Zone for a children and infant first aid workshop on Saturday 30 November. Click here for more details. Don’t forget to subscribe to our facebook and Instagram pages.