How Can First Aid for Mental Health Course Benefit Your School/Nursery?

Mental health courses in schools and nurseries can bring numerous benefits to both students and educators. By incorporating such courses into the curriculum, students can develop a better understanding of their emotions and mental well-being from an early age, fostering emotional intelligence and resilience. As for educators, it helps them to better support their students and improve their academic progress.

Incorporating First Aid in UK Schools

This is great news, according to the Guardian: Children will be taught basic lifesaving skills under government plans for health education to be provided in every school. Under the proposals all secondary school leavers in England will be taught how to administer CPR, to know the purpose of defibrillators and to give basic treatment for common … Read more

School Community First Aid Session

Thought to share some photos of a first aid community session held last summer. It was held for around 30 high school boys and they were taught basic first aid and CPR techniques such as CPR, bleeding management, evacuation techniques and splinting.