New Courses, New Certfication

FirstAid Responders recently added new certified courses from the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) and expanding on current offerings. Learners can now choose from a wide variety of new and advanced courses. These include advanced first aid, wilderness first aid, basic life support and use of auto injectors. For more information, check the courses … Read more

Course Updates

Did you know that our International Certifications are electronic now? You will receive them within 48 hours after your course completion!  In addition, the theoretical sections of our Emergency First Response courses can be offered online. This means you will learn the theoretical part independently, then attend a couple of hours for face to face … Read more

Why Take a Certified Course?

Our courses provides more than a wall certificate. So what differentiates our certified  courses? They are internationally recognized and are globally accredited. Our courses will give you the confidence to care when a medical emergency arises.  We teach in non stressful environment that focused on knowledge retention. Our curriculum is updated with the latest guidelines and technologies … Read more