CPR-Chest Compression only Course

Description: Compression-only CPR, performed by providing continuous chest compressions without stopping to provide ventilations, has been proven effective in treating patients with sudden cardiac arrest.  Conducted under one hour, student will learn about scene assessment, how to conduct a primary assessment as well as adult CPR.

There are additional benefits to compression-only CPR. There are fewer steps than traditional CPR, making it easier for rescuers to remember them and for emergency dispatch personnel to instruct over the phone. Additionally, those fearing disease transmission may feel more comfortable providing chest compressions without rescue breaths. Without a doubt, providing compression-only CPR is better in an emergency than doing nothing at all.

Compression-only CPR training is not designed to meet workplace CPR requirements.

Who can attend: anyone who wants to learn CPR-chest compressions. No required prerequisite.

Duration:  1 Hour.

Certification: Certificate from Emergency First Response (EFR).

Language: Delivery and material in English and/or Arabic.

Photograph Courtesy of Emergency First Response