Airborne Pathogens Awareness Course

Description: Recent, unprecedented, world events have changed the way we interact with people and businesses.   More than ever before people the world over are aware of the importance of hygiene, disinfection and PPE, to protect ourselves and those we come in contact with.

As businesses once again open their doors to the public they look for guidance on how to provide a clean and hygienic environment where customers feel comfortable to move around without risk to their health.

The Emergency First Response, Airborne Pathogen Awareness course provides businesses and individuals with a fundamental understanding of diseases such as influenza (flu), SARS, COVID-19 and tuberculosis that are transmitted primarily through respiration and the respiratory system.

Participants learn the main mechanisms of transmission, as well as methods for reducing transmission risk through the use of disinfection, protective equipment, distancing and airflow.

Disclaimer: This course does not cover the higher-level training requirements or methods that are used by medical professionals interacting with patients who have known or suspected disease.

Is this course online? Course is available either face to face or online.

Who can attend: individuals who want to learn how to protect themselves from airborne pathogens. Businesses and office staff where a risk assessment deems it necessary that staff have training in airborne pathogens in the workplace. No required prerequisite.

Duration: 4 hours

Certification: Participants receive an international certification from EFR (UK).

Language: Delivery and material in English and/or Arabic.