It’s Summer! Prevent Dehydration

What is Dehydration:

Dehydration is the excessive loss of water -without any intake to compensate it. Untreated, dehydration can be fatal as it can lead to death. Children, elderly people and patients with chronic diseases are very vulnerable to dehydration. The causes of dehydration are various :fever, diarrhea and increased sweating are some examples.

How to Recognize Dehydration:

Mild Dehydration: Thirst, headache, tiredness, decreased urine and dizziness.
Severe Dehydration: extreme thirst, dryness in the mouth, rapid breathing and heartbeat, mental confusion. For infants, you can recognize extreme dehydration when the soft spot in their head has sunken. If that is the case, treat it as a medical emergency.

Signs of dehydration

The best way is preventive and to drink plenty of water!
For children, consult with your doctor about the best rehydration solution. For adults, in mild dehydration get them in shady/well ventilated place and give them fluids. Lift their legs if possible. For severe dehydration, monitor their breathing and call for an ambulance.

How to treat dehydration

Useful Information:

Quick elasticity test for dehydration
Tip: you can do the same test for your pet by pulling the scuff of his neck.

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Update: Article was also published in a magazine